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Are you looking for a way to watch upcoming award show live on the Internet? I used to get so frustrated when I would have to miss one like the People's Choice Awards because of work or something. I just really like watching anything with celebrities on it. Anyway, I have a computer at work, so I started looking for a way to watch the shows online. Here's what I found.....

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I must admit I was quite disappointed in what I found at first. There really isn't much out there if you're wanting to watch special TV events online. I tried several sites. Many of which were so slow and kept disconnecting. It was so bad that I would end up missing half the show anyway. One site even put some sort of virus on my computer at work, and let me tell you, the boss was not happy with that!

Save yourself the hassle and the searching because I finally found something that works like a charm. I downloaded this streaming program at this site. It connects me to thousands of online channels that actually work. And, the great part is that they have an abundance of entertainment channels, which is what I use it mainly for anyway. But, if you like to watch movies and TV shows then you'll appreciate it as well. Also, there's a bunch of sports channels, history, weather, news, music, and lot more.

Here are some of the best benefits, in my opinion:

*No additional hardware requirements
*No monthly fees
*Instant access to 3500+ HD Channels
*Unlimited & uncensored access 24/7
*No banwidth restrictions
*Bona fied HD widescreen support
*Works anywhere in the world with internet access
*New channels added daily

The only downside I found about using this service is that it doesn't work very well with dial-up internet. So, you'll need to have DSL, wifi, or cable for it to work properly. Just so you know.

CLICK HERE to Watch Award Shows Online

Hope this helps.


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