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Watch Texas Longhorns football online

See if Garrett Gilbert can finally live up to its hype when you watch the Texas Longhorns online this 2011 season. Last year, his sophomore outing, was a major disappointment for both the now junior quarterback and his entire offensive unit. But, heaven can be thanked for off-season activity since Gilbert might just be the solution to the problem and the answer to all fans prayers come this fall football season.


What Gilbert does have going for him is the fact that he's a year older, so this translates into hopefully being a bit wiser. Coming to his defense, he was unexpectedly thrust into the limelight when Colt McCoy's collegiate career came to abrupt end with a shoulder injury during the 2009 BCS National Championship game. Gilbert has been trying since then to catch up with all offense operations. But it still doesn't excuse the poor performance like throwing 17 interceptions in one season. He was one of the reasons that 2010 became the first losing season for Coach Mack Brown.

Another reason that Gilbert may be the answer is he or he knows all the Big 12 defenses a lot better than sophomore QB Case McCoy. This was because he was pummeled by most of them and with a little more acquired wisdom is going to be much better prepared when meeting them this season than anybody else on the Longhorn roster.

You will be well prepared for great viewing when you watch the Texas Longhorns game online.