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watch daytona 500 online

Do you want to find a way to watch the Daytona 500 live on the Internet? If any of you are like me, you get completely frustrated when other “obstacles” in life keep you from watching important and exciting events like the Daytona 500. I like watching all NASCAR races and since I work on Sundays when most races like the Daytona 500 run (Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011), and I have a computer at work, I thought I’d surf the Net to see what was available when I found this...

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Boy was that a waste of time! There’s not much variety when it comes to watching NASCAR online. I checked out several offerings, but most were incredibly slow and many kept loosing the connection. In each situation, it became so bad that I couldn’t even get through viewing half a race without some type of interruption. I was worried that one of these sites would infect my employer’s computer with a virus. You don’t want to run that risk just to watch the Daytona 500 online.

I can save you all the hassle pointing you to a site where you can download this great program that will give you access to live streaming video coming over the Internet onto your own computer screen on either a PC or Mac. Also, once you hook up with a high-speed Internet connection through DSL or cable, you will have the best “trackside” seat in the house to view the Daytona 500.

Click Here to Watch the Daytona 500 Online

Here are some of the best benefits, in my opinion:

*No additional hardware requirements
*No monthly fees
*Instant access to 3500+ HD Channels
*Unlimited & uncensored access 24/7
*No banwidth restrictions
*Bona fied HD widescreen support
*Works anywhere in the world with internet access
*New channels added daily

The only downside I found about using this service is that it doesn't work very well with dial-up internet. So, you'll need to have DSL, wifi, or cable for it to work properly. Just so you know.

Hope this helps.