Watch the San Diego Chargers Online

See if an improved special-teams can help grab that championship ring when you watch the San Diego Chargers online during this season. It is a commonly held belief that QB Philip Rivers is a legitimate MVP candidate. He is clearly the best quarterback in the division. And, you know that coach North Turner can find many different ways to put points on the scoreboard. The team is very deep at skill positions and even if the defense steps back a bit, they're still talented enough to keep the Chargers in the game letting Rivers-Co. score points.

Watch the San Diego Chargers Online.

The big question still remains the failure of the special-teams squad during 2010. This is a number one ranked defense and one of the league's top offenses that didn't make the playoffs due to the poor performance of special-teams that experienced quite a few ill-timed turnovers. The observer has to wonder that if this area does not improve, can it get any worse?

The offense has other weapons including Mike Tolbert who is a great punishing, get-in-the defender's face type of running back. The team has invested a lot in RB Ryan Matthews who was plagued with injuries during his rookie season. The hope is to see if this investment does pay off. The Chargers should be a lock for postseason play since they are playing in a relatively weak division.

There will be nothing weak about your football viewing experience when you watch the San Diego Chargers online.